WEBS President


Hi, I’m Andrea Stevens.

I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY.

My journey in networking began in 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, I was employed as a sales representative for a staffing company. My employer suggested that I attend/join a women’s networking meeting. Fast forward to 2010, I moved to Iowa for family reasons. I searched for a local networking groups or women’s group to join. Without much success, I began my vision of WEBS (Women Encouraging Business Success) by jotting down all my ideas, by-laws and mission in a notebook for my eyes only. Another move was in the works, therefore WEBS was put on hold.

In 2013, my husband’s company brought our family to California where I no longer had a client base in my business. This is where our first WEBS chapter was established. Looking to form new connections, network and build my business was important, but bringing women together to encourage and empower one another became my focus.

In 2015, another move across the country to Ohio left me in the same position that I was in two years prior. Searching for a women’s only group left me unsuccessful. Therefore, I formed a Stow, Ohio chapter within WEBS. These ladies helped me see things differently where I headed back to my roots, a small town atmosphere. I watch these ladies come together, empower one another and thrive in that area until this day.

The year 2017 will be one that I will remember forever. Another company move brought my family to New Jersey. After two personal losses, I regained my strength, picked myself up and decided to follow my dream (not knowing that I was following it all along). WEBS, Women Encouraging Business Success became an LLC in February 2017. It was time to start bringing women together across the country. Forming chapters in the areas where I moved just wasn’t enough. I wanted to see women come together in their communities, come together with their businesses and come together on a personal level. A few months later, I began my search for women in the Long Valley, New Jersey area. Today, we are growing exponentially.

With talk of new chapters in Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia and an additional in Ohio, I am striving to reach that goal to help young girls and women become a voice in their communities and in the world. Empowering and encouraging girls to become strong and confident women as well as helping women find their purpose has become my WHY. I challenge each and every one of you to look in the mirror, see your strength and let it shine!

Together we are “Weaving Our Web One Woman at a Time”.