Andrea Stevens - WEBS

Andrea Stevens

Owner & Founder, Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS)

Andrea Stevens was raised to always go for what she wants and never back away from a challenge—values that have served her well throughout her life.

A childhood and teenage athlete, Andrea has encountered and overcome personal and professional adversity time and again, with life-shaping experiences that have taken her from the snows of Buffalo, New York to the desert landscape of Arizona. She credits her father’s early life lessons of knowing one’s worth and not being afraid to compete with her ability to meet challenges head on and reinvent herself and her goals—sometimes pivoting with 24-hour notice.

Andrea has worked in myriad fields, including five years as a release and classification specialist for FedEx, working with US Customs and the FDA on the Canadian border. She also worked as a bank teller, a technology call center representative, and in human resources and recruiting, retail, and insurance. She began business networking in Arizona in 2003 and hasn’t stopped since.

In 2013, Andrea became a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, further honing her sales and presentation skills. Understanding the value of networking to build a business, she founded Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS) that same year in Hacienda Heights, California, where she and her husband Gordon had relocated. She credits her WEBS experience with helping her reach director level at Thirty-One Gifts.

After another relocation to Ohio, Andrea opened a second WEBS chapter in Kent. In 2017, she committed fully to building WEBS, growing it to five chapters nationwide within a year. She is currently restructuring the business model as an online, virtual networking organization. Her goal remains the same: to help women and men find their purpose and motivation to succeed in life, and create an empowering business development platform.

Andrea has a bachelor’s in business administration from Medaille College in Buffalo, NY. As someone who appreciates the benefits of multiple income streams, Andrea is currently a consultant with Stream Energy, a provider of energy, wireless, protective and home services. She and Gordon live in New Jersey with their son Blake and two dogs, Hero and Maya.