Connie Villa

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Connie Villa was raised in Mexico primarily by her mother, a fashion designer, and business owner, to be an independent thinker and problem solver and to view her dreams as a reality.

Her childhood in Mexico City was busy with sports and performing activities such as Tahitian dance, Hawaiian dance, volleyball games, theater plays, school band, fashion design, music, and English lessons. Connie spent her weekends at her mother’s bridal shop playing business games among business deals, fashion models, and manikins. Her vacations were spent at the bridal shop helping with the business or at the beach in Acapulco. Her upbringing equipped her with entrepreneurial skills and a passion for design and love for nature.

Connie has a distinguished career in business marketing and technology. She has worked in a diversity of fields including a private bilingual position in the Mexican Government, a bilingual position for a Mexican Enterprise, six years as Fire and Casualty Agent servicing the Hispanic community and focusing on specialty insurance. Her love for technology and programming shifted her career to web development.  She has been an independent consultant for over 10 years and has assisted business owners to design, market, and maintain their website. She has helped countless clients achieve powerful websites including the best stylish look and functionality.

In 2013, Connie was introduced to Andrea Stevens, owner and founder of Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS). She joined her board of directors and has been servicing the company for the last six years.  Her current role is the Director of Marketing and Business Development. Connie’s passion for technology and computer science keeps her working on projects focused in Biometrics and Cybersecurity with the Cybersecurity Center at California State University of Fullerton. She authored and co-authored book chapters and papers in biometrics and presented her research at scientific conventions. Some of her works include Biometrics in a Data Driven World: Trends Technologies and Challenges co-authoring the chapters Mobile Device Biometrics, Computational issues in Biometrics Role of Big Data and Cloud Computing, and Biometric Applications in Homeland Security.

Connie earned her bachelor’s degree at California State University of Fullerton in Computer Science with a concentration in Cybersecurity. She also earned a Business Degree in Mexico. Her studies focused on bilingual (English/Spanish) business and accounting.

Connie brings her best in business, design, and cybersecurity to WEBS. Her personal and professional journey has taken her through failures and successes. She knows what it feels to struggle, reach rock bottom, get up again stronger than she ever was, and keep going. She lives in California with her husband Juan, their two boys, Brian and Nathan, and two dogs, Coco, and Koda.