Who is WEBS?

This is an organization of business women, whose purpose is to create a sphere of influence by trading referrals, sharing ideas, learning together, building on relationships and giving back to the community. Together, we are “Weaving our web one woman at a time”

Where do you currently have established chapters?

Arizona, Ohio and New Jersey (Please see our chapter directory for exact locations and members.)

Can anyone attend a meeting?

Visitors are encouraged to reach out to our home office via email at webswomen@gmail.com to verify if their business category is open for the chapter you are inquiring about. One may also reach out to the Chapter President in your area (Please see our chapter directory for contact information for our Presidents).

Is more than one woman with the same business allowed to become a member?

Within each chapter, we only allow one woman per category to join and become a member. For example, you will not observe two Realtors or two photographers within one chapter. We believe that communicating and building trust in order to form close knit relationships is very important. Being a referral based organization, it could be difficult to network with more than one woman with the same business and have to choose who to give your referral to without hurting the other members feelings. For this reason, we only allow one woman per category in each chapter. For any questions, please contact home office at webswomen@gmail.com