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Business Women

We are organized in Chapters and each chapter is designed to bring women together and help each other in their business.

We give back

We strive to better ourselves every day and we work on also giving back to our community.

We are Nationwide

Our chapters are all over the nation. We welcome new members and women interested heading a chapter.

Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS) is an organization of business women, whose purpose is to create a sphere of influence by trading referrals, sharing ideas, learning together, building on relationships and giving back to the community. Each chapter is designed to bring business women together in their designated communities. Our Chapter Presidents are strong, dedicated leaders who are committed to growing their businesses and the businesses of others. Members meet weekly in order to empower one another while strengthening their personal and professional lives. WEBS Women are ambitious individuals determined to make a difference by giving back. Together, we are weaving our WEB one woman at a time.

Our Chapters are located nationwide. If you are interested in becoming a Chapter President, please send an email with a short description of yourself, why you would make a successful Chapter President and a current resume to webswomen@gmail.com

Women doing business