Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS): Restructuring and Re-branding

By Andrea Stevens, Owner and Founder


Hi everyone! I am Andrea Stevens, Founder and President of Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS). In the past, we have been an organization of women in business in a face to face networking group setting. We share about our business and educate each other. We try to find ways to help and empower each other.


I started WEBS in 2017, but the idea came to me in 2011 when I lived in Iowa. I came with a lot of ideas and bylaws and the name of the organization. That same year, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. This dropped me to my knees. At that time I put the work notebook away and did not pull it out until 2013.
In 2013 I started my first WEBS Chapter in California. After that, I moved to Ohio and started another chapter and then to New Jersey and started another. In 2017 I thought of branching out, growing, and finding out what other women we can help across the country. We then formed  additional chapters in other states including Arizona. We developed six chapters within the WEBS organization.
WEBS has been a blessing to me beyond belief. The women that I have met in this industry are incredible. In our journey we have had successful events, workshops and fundraisers. These events have spurred interest with business men as well. Then I started to think that maybe we were not able to help enough when we focused on women only.


Connie Villa, my director of Business Development and Marketing, and I decided that we were going to re-brand and restructure WEBS. We are now going to make our services available to both men and women, online and nationwide. So we are looking to reach an entirely different dynamic.

Women Encouraging Business Success (WEBS) is two women, Connie and I, encouraging, empowering and uplifting business owners in all capacities.


We are also helping those with the idea of forming a business. Maybe you are someone who is not ready, don’t know if you are ready, or perhaps you are not sure where to start. Are  you someone someone who is not ready to attend a networking meeting because you are not comfortable speaking in public? Possibly you are not comfortable in a small setting talking to a small group of people? This is where we are going to help you.


We are looking for business owners that would like to network online. We support face to face networking fully, attend different networking groups and belong to different organizations. We believe that it is very important to meet face to face.

WEBS provides virtual networking for those who are not able to network face to face.

Perhaps you can’t attend a meeting due to time constraints.  In recent years, we’ve connected with people online first and then met face to face. Now we see that with Skype and with Zoom a lot of people have been able to meet face to face instantly. You can see each other face to face from any device whether you are at home or on the go, but it is still face to face.  We have found that this is a need and a want for a lot of people in the business. We feel that we can partner with more business men and women by networking this way.

Coming to you live reassures our motto of keeping it real.


My father gave me the strength to go out there and be myself, take care of myself, and protect myself. At a young age, he taught me these things and now I would like to be able to give that strength to all. Reaching people is a priority for us.

We feel in our hearts very strongly about helping individuals get comfortable, open up, and speak in front of others.

Are you camera shy? Do you have a fear of online video interactions? It is important for people to see your reaction, your facial expressions, and feel your genuine heartfelt conversation. So we are going to teach you how to overcome stage fright with easy and effective workshops. In addition, we will provide experts in different fields to network with you. Surely you will be able to take away a few things from these experts that you can use in your journey.


This is a new launch for us and we can’t wait to get out there and talk to you guys.

As a member of our organization, you will have the opportunity to network with people in your area or across the country. Also, you will benefit from interviews, workshops, tutorials, and a lot more.

Connie has a very strong background in social media. I can’t wait for you to see her tutorials. We can’t wait to give you all we’ve got. You will find that partnering with us as well as other members is very rewarding for you and your business. We can’t network alone.

We look forward to seeing you soon. We are excited to give you more information about our organization and how you can become a member. We will talk/see you soon!

We invite you to learn more about WEBS’ insider benefits.

Are you ready to become a WEBS insider?